Welcome to Happy Kindergarten. The Kindergarten offers Kindergarten 1 (K1: Ages 3½-4½ years) Kindergarten 2 (K2: Ages 4½-5½ years). We provide a happy family atmosphere with a stimulating learning environment where children learn to construct their mind, memory, power to understand and ability to think through. Children experience interesting activities which will encourage them to develop curiosity and exploratory behaviour and master the basic core of knowledge , skills and attitudes.

Value Statement
Our vision is to help children to develop into balanced individuals learning to develop respect for ‘self’, others and the environment. The curriculum aims to stimulate children both mentally and physically and enable them to enter the social world.

Our Aim
Our aim is to create a happy, safe and stimulating environment which will support children to enter the social world beyond their families and enable them to face the challenges of life.
Students who receive early childhood education make a better transition from school to community and ultimately get benefits as socially responsible adults.
So here at Happy Kindergarten we aim to provide an environment in which we establish individual relationship with students in experiences which promote knowledge and develop skills and encourage children to build positive relationship with each other, older children and adults in the society.





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