We have endeavored to apply a creative curriculum based on international standards of Montessori Education .

  • Our curriculum is divided into following areas of learning.
  • Personal, social and emotional development;
  • Communication, language and literacy;
  • Mathematical development;
  • Cultural Development ; Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Motor Development
  • Self Expression.

Here are some of the ways in which we establish an environment that allows children to develop order, concentration, co-ordination and independence using specialized Montessori materials. We provide experiences that will foster a sense of responsibility and respect for other members the class, school and community thereby equipping and enabling each child to enter the social world beyond their family and face the challenges of the world.

Kindergarten Program

We emphasise on learning through hands on activities. Children concentrate by fixing their attention on some task which they are performing with their hands. Classrooms have materials which allows the children to reinforce learning by doing.

Kindergarten 1 and 2 include learning modules that are teacher made and are tailored individually to the specific needs and interest of the child. Research skills are emphasized in Montessori Classroom. Students make use of the media and computers for reading and are taught to go beyond the confines of the classroom for information.

K1 and K2:

(a) English (Unlock the child’s potential for speech and language)
(b) Math Readiness (Consists of basic concepts, numbers up, more shapes, sets )
(c) Fine Motor Exercises (Tracing dotted lines, cutting with scissors, play with clay or dough, writing letters or numbers, drawing shapes, free drawing )
(d) Letters and Phonics (They learn letters and sounds of letters and start to learn reading 3- letter words)
(e) Music Time (Students learn rhythm and singing along with music)
(f) Value Education (Develop a healthy sense of respect for ‘self’ and others).
(g) Physical Exercise (Outdoor activities are the most important parts of the school day)
(h) Art and craft (Colouring, making craft etc. )
(i) Performing Arts (Building self confidence, self esteem and have fun.)
(j) Celebrations (Birthdays, Annual Day, National Day, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Eid Celebrations etc )
(k) Excursions (Visits to pet shops, parks, museum, aquarium )